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FTC - Club Contacts

Officers of the Club




Mark Mobey



Steve Perry



Susanna Hunt


Committee Members:
Alan Elbourn,  Sjoerd Vogt,  Juliane Spiers, Matt Williams, Steve Pugh, Kate Haysman, Sam Bannister

Coaches: Alan Elbourn ( Head Coach ) ,  Susanna Hunt,   Matt Williams, Mark Thomas,
Tom Wilsdon, Guy Mobey

Mark Mobey

Alan Elbourn

Anne Sawyer

Juliane Spiers

Sjoerd Vogt

Steve Perry

Matt Williams

Sanjay Trivedi

Sam Bannister

Adrian Noke

Nicola Foster

Susanna Hunt

Steve Pugh

Kate Haysman

Kate Trivedi

Other Responsibilities


Alan Elbourn, Sjoerd Vogt, Roger Starr

Wimbledon tickets & Events

Alan Elbourn (text on: 07969-028066)

Social Activities

Susanna Hunt, Juliane Spiers

Website & membership

Sjoerd Vogt

Clubmark Contact

Mark Mobey

Welfare Officer ( inc Child Protection)

Juliane Spiers


Alan Elbourn, Susanna Hunt, Mark Mobey

Club Consumables

Anne Sawyer

Press officer

Adrian Noke

Club Championships

Steve Pugh, Steve Wright


Winter/Summer Match Secretary: Adrian Noke. 07960726606. 01367241909. adechrisnoke at gmail.com

Winter League Captains:

          Summer League Captains:

  • Mens A         Adrian Noke               07960726606   adechrisnoke@gmail.com
  • Mens B         Mark Kiff                     07966 387034   markkiff@mac.com
  • Mens C      David Crawley .         07881 934030‬    dcdesignit@aol.com
  • Womens A   Susanna Hunt     01367 241452   asmi.hunt@talktalk.net 
  • Womens B   Carol Hand          07785 583215              carolhand7@yahoo.co.uk
  • Womens C  Andrea Bedggood 01367 242669/ 07545148997 albedggood@gmail.com / Sian Starr 01367 241164  sianstarr@btinternet.com
  • Mixed A        Juliane Spiers            01367 241432   jspiers@kaacademy.org
       Or if JS n/a Steve Pugh        01367 244582 07921023094 steve.023@hotmail.co.uk  
  • Mixed B   Chris Noke                01367 241909   adechrisnoke@gmail.com 

    Weekend Matches usually start at 1pm; and you’re usually home by 5pm.

    OLTA Midweek League 2018

  • Mens   Steve Perry  01367 244757   steveperry414@gmail.com      (07585602436)
  • Womens Anne Sawyer  01367 870285  asawyer-buckland@waitrose.com

If you’re interested in playing for a team, please do contact the relevant captain!

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